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iCube, by Peace.University, USA is an enabling platform for individuals, groups, teams, companies, and organizations. We help foster a culture of entrepreneurship and leadership. Our main areas of focus include:


Entreprenuership Development

iCube functions as the nerve center to help convert viable business ideas in to ground realities. We encourage solutions that create disruption, improve quality and effciency, or all of the above in any walk of life. Fostering a culture that promotes adapting advanced research and bring the iCube - Invent, Innovate, Investigate, into the core of things.


Commercialization of products and services

We customize the ways to commercialize in-house technologies, products, services and methods. iCube helps organizations with understanding, acquisition, training, negotiation and early adoption of upcoming technologies.


Startups Development

From concept to the development of an idea, it takes a lot of labor of love, blood and sweat to launch a successful solution or product. icubator (i_cuba_tor) prepares budding startups, entrepreneurs, and connects them with the industry leaders for guidance and venture funding.


Stakeholders' Engagement

No organization can build capacity or strength without involving its stakeholders, especially, in the early phases of planning and development. iCube includes Stakeholders' Engagement as one of its core philosophies on which we have built our multidimensional and multinational model.


Skills Development

Many organizations with great ideas, plans, and even financial resources could not sustain for the want of skilled workforce. iCube centers actively engage in skills development programs, to counter the serious lack of able, ready and available human capital challenges.


Capacity Building

Most of the community organizations have certain resources, while lack the others which exist in other organizations. By creating our resource sharing platform, we are enabling organizations enhance their capacity without any further burdon upon them.


Entrepreneurship comes naturally to women..

Even those managing their homes are making strategic, tactical and operational decisions all the time.

Let's turn your those instincts into solving societal and business problems, while having fun, pursuing passion and making tons of money altogether



Women employed


Women owned businesses


Acces to investment




iCube Centers of Excellence


    • iCube MMBT
    • Built around catering to the health and fitness needs of the area residents, as well as helping national and international organizations with Mother and Child health resources, the Center of Excellence provides R&D, Skills Development, Tertiary Medical Support System, and resources for the public policy makers to effectively plan and execute Health policies; especially Mother and Child health.
    • iCube Emaxer
    • An information technology powerhouse, emaxer center of Excellence is the place for all but especially youth and women to work on their entrepreneurial, innovative ideas and find solutions for the industry and the community at large. This stakeholders capacity building initiative involves vendors, customers, government, commercial enterprises, academia and the citizens.
    • iCube UCEST
    • Center of Excellence with University college of engineering, sciences and technology, Pakistan. This center of excellence fosters the spirit amongst the students and professionals to achieve an unparalleled level of Leadership and Entrepreneurship. This initiative helps Startups, setup Incubator programs, R&D, Technology Commercialization, and Sustainability through Capacity Building.
    • iCube Modern standards
    • Center of excellence setup in the Middle East to help improve capacity in terms of planning, executing and efficient resource utilization for the Arab world. We have been providing Management and Supervisory Services to enhance the capacity especially in very dynamically changing environment where the gap between needs and circumstances keeps widening by the day. Modern Standards Center of Excellence works with entrepreneurs, executives and top managers to provide solutions to complex industry and government problems.
    • iCube Cafo
    • We have developed iCube cafo space to change the way we think towards health and fitness. The space aims at creating a friendly and facilitating platform for able, willing, and available looking for entrepreneurial opportunities. Our goal is to eliminate boundaries between hangout and workspace to maximize productivity within the youth of all classes and of all capabilities. We aim to bridge the gap between certain gender dominated spaces, lowering barriers and making it easier for everyone to enter participate and claim their fair share.
    • iCubeNext?
    • Indulge us! we are always open to exciting collaborations