Startup Challenge Summer '17

Startup ChallengeSummer '17 is an ::Urban Unit/iCube:: event where you the best idea in town pitch to an audience,
judges and investors, open to all. Get noticed, validate idea/business, and even find funding! #betterthancash



  1. Submit your idea here by August 19th
  2. and/or Identify a commercializable project (coordinate/collaborate with experienced people
    in the same field) and email us at
  3. Apply to Pitch
  4. Pitch @Startup ChallengeSummer '17 - get noticed
  5. Teams Shortlisted
    1. Application =>
      Interview =>
      Selection =>
  6. Inubation - most everything happens here
  7. Graduate - Change the world
  8. Final Pitch


  • Pitch to an audience @Startup ChallengeSummer '17, live-streamed on Facebook, Twitter and
    YouTube to a global audience.
  • You will have three minutes on the main stage to pitch and/or demo your product. That’s followed by a Q & A from judges.
  • Top startups will compete in Startup ChallengeSummer '17. Selected teams will receive services, exposure, advice and even more potential investment.
  • All pitching teams receive expert feedback and advice, invaluable exposure to investors, and media coverage — not to mention entry to the Satrtup network.

Areas of Interest:

The following are sample areas of interest, however, we are open to all relevant areas:

  • Land use/development
  • Urban planning
  • Environment, air, water
  • Waste management
  • Public welfare
  • Urban design
  • Architecture
  • Infrastructure
  • Distribution networks
  • Energy
  • Logistics
  • Zoning
  • Economic development
  • Transportation & traffic
  • Urban farming
  • Technology
  • GIS/GPS Technologies
  • Governance & public service
  • Finance & ecommerce
  • Law and order
  • Social sector
  • Healthcare
  • Academics
  • Urban lifestyle
  • Cottage industries
  • Wholesale/Retail
  • Markets
  • Commerce and industry
  • Urbanization


By applying/attending, you agree to the following:

  • Details of the resources will be discussed with every team and may vary based on the nature
    type and state of the project
  • The amounts, charges and fees are based on Urban Unit offerings
  • Reasonable accommodations will be made
  • The availability, nature, amount and terms of the investment during or after the incubation will depend upon every team's progress potential and scope of the project
  • Urban Unit /iCube decisions will be final
  • In case of any confusion or dispute, internal arbitration will be offered