At a glance

At icube, an enabling platform by Peace University, USA we foster a culture of entrepreneurship and leadership.

  • We are not an incubator, even though we incubate some of the best in class.
  • Our philosophy is lowering entrepreneurial barriers. We go all out for Women Empowerment and Youth Engagement.
  • Every team must include a WOMENtrepreneur! to be a part of the i_cuba_tor.
  • We love artisans, artists, creative souls, thinkers and dreamers who relentlessly pursue.
  • Selection is obscenely competitive and speed is blistering.
  • Followed by intensive incubation, where, the teams refine what they are working on with the help of our mentoring, training and guidance.
  • Some of the help is common across the board for all startups, and some, the nature of startups determines their needs.
  • iCollaborate concludes the incubation cycle, where the teams get a chance to pitch to a carefully curated audience of investors and media. This years iCollaborate is open to all and will kick off the first incubation cycle.
  • i_cuba_tor solicitation of ideas occurs twice a year, this year's cycle is set to begin in September.

Learn with us:

  • Entrepreneurship 101
  • Presentation (of the idea)
  • Communication

  • Resources

    From Idea to Startup
    How not to kill your startup